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Past Events 

Rochester Cathedral 2019.

February 17th 2022 Choral Evensong Canterbury Cathedral 

Ayleward Responses 

Stanford in A 

Cantique de Jean Racine-Faure. 

Link above to video of the service. 

Goodnestone Choir evolved from the village Christmas choir in 2013 when it became clear that there was a group who wished to sing more regularly. The choir has grown steadily since this time and we now have over 40  members and expand considerably for special services

We are always keen to have new members, the choir is open to everyone and previous singing experience or an ability to read music is not required. We rehearse in the church every tuesday 7-8pm. 

We sing at the first Sunday of the month at Goodnestone -09.00 and are increasingly involved in other services and events. 

We sang evensong at Canterbury Cathedral in February a link to the video of this service is further down this page.  

If you are interested in joining the choir or would like further details then  contact Denyer or 01304841826..

Canterbury Cathedral 2022 

Canterbury Cathedral 2023 

June 30th 2023 Choral Evensong Cantebury Cathedral 

Ayleward Responses 

Brewer in D 

The Spirit of the Lord- Stopford. 

Services and Events


Easter Sunday 

Choral Eucharist 09.00  

Darke in F communion setting 

Ye choirs of New Jerusalem -Stanford. 

Sunday April 7th 

09.00 Holy Communion 

Sunday April 21st 

09.00 Choral Eucharist 

Harris in F Communion setting 

Teach Me O Lord-Attwood 

Sunday May 5th 

09.00 Choral Eucharist 

Talllis Communion Setting 

If Ye Love Me-Tallis 

Sunday May 21st 

09.00  Holy Communion.